How to pick a good sunscreen according to dermatologists

Your go to checklist for being a good sunscreen picker:

  1. Choose broad spectrum (that’s us)
  2. Always go mineral (that’s us)
  3. Choose SPF 30 of higher (that’s also us)
  4. Go for water resistant (us again)
  5. Pick one with Zinc Non-Nano oxide to ensure its reef safe (oh, us of course)

This is to help you pick your next sunscreen, we tick all these boxes and so much more (just saying), but if you don’t opt for us for whatever reason – please make sure your sunscreen ticks these boxes – we care about you, and we care about our planet too.

We aren’t writing this to make you afraid of the sun, in fact this is the exact opposite of our purpose. We want you to love the sun, and bask in all of her glory – we just want you to feel protected when you’re out there. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Another big FYI, sunscreen isn’t just for summer and the sunny days. It’s for EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR! Did you know that 80% of the sun’s rays pass through the clouds on a cloudy day? So just when you think you’re safe, you’re not. And did you also know that snow can reflect up to 80% of the UV rays? Increasing your risk of exposure to sun damage without you even knowing! Also, did you know, the higher the altitude, the greater the UV exposure? In a nutshell, wear sunscreen every day!

This is not a sales matter, this is a health matter! Not for one second did we develop Soulty Sea Dogs to make a quick buck off of you, we created this brand to PROTECT you and prevent any bad things from happening to you.

Now go out there and Carpe Diem - just wear sunscreen whilst you're doing it!

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