Our Story

Soulty Sea Dogs was founded by two Soulty Sea Dogs,Matt and Kim, in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. 
Matt and Kim had been travelling the globe for about 7 years when they realised the sad realities of our sunscreen and what they’re doing to our planet and her people. 
"We knew we needed to be the change; we needed to create something that will keep our people safe and the planet stoked. It was that simple for us. And so, Soulty Sea Dogs was born. A mineral, guilt-free sunscreen designed to inspire you to enjoy all the wonders that this world has to offer. We have a deep love for mother nature and all her offerings, and it has been a big part of our joy journey – and we wanted to share that with you, we think there is a lot of healing and a lot of happiness to be found from out there. We hope to be part of the solution to us humans reconnecting with nature once again and experiencing true, wild, crazy joy. Welcome to the revolution - welcome to The Soulty Sea Dogs fam, we are so stoked to have you."
 Matt and Kim, The Founders

Our mission

It’s simple. We aim to create an earth-friendly/human-friendly sunscreen that is affordable. A sunscreen that is not only good for the people, but for the planet too.

Our Purpose

Again, simple. Our purpose is to create a brand and products that is inclusive for everyone. We hope to create unity and kinship, uniting and connecting all people from all different walks of life, no matter what shape/size/colour – Soulty Sea Dogs is for you. A community connected through one core value – an overwhelming love for the outdoors.

Our vision

Even simpler. Our vision is to bring more joy into people’s lives. We hope to encourage people to find healing and growth in nature and all her glory. Not only will you feel safe and protected with our earth-loving sunscreen, but you will feel inspired – inspired to step outside your comfort zone and explore all that this world has to offer.