All the major credit cards that most of us have!

Your order will go out for delivery within 1-3 working days, and from there it should take between 1-3 working days to get to you! So, plan ahead if you’re heading out into the sunshine!

At the moment only in South Africa, but watch this space world – this goodness is coming for you!


Yip, each and every single one of them!

100% vegan from our head tomatoes!

Absolutely, we told you – we would never hurt you!


Of course, gluten intolerant humans matter too!

Heaven? Very, very subtle hints of natural vanilla!

Yes, yes and yes! Coming from the rainbow nation we wanted to create a sunscreen that is inclusive for all skin colours. We wouldn’t even know you were wearing it!

Made with big stoke, in South Africa.

Just be you.

Health & Safety

Our products have a shelf life of 2 years. But have a look under the bottle to see the exact date!

So much! We have added prebiotics to help balance the skin pH, and to support the skins barrier function, which will boost healthy bacteria. Keeping your skin strong and smooth!


It is 100% recycled, and it is 100% recyclable. The bottles can be recycled with other plastics, and our aluminum tines can be recycled with the other aluminum.

None whatsoever!

Sure can! But if you want to feel that extra glow, we recommend our face sunscreen for your face – it’s got all that good stuff the face needs and more.

Yes, it is, your kiddos will love it!

Ew! No. We’ve made sure its extra water resistant so that we can dive under those waves care-free!

Every 2 hours is pretty good. But if you’re drying yourself with a towel in-between then apply again!

For all skin types!

Does a bear poo in the woods? Of course, it does. And of course, it is!

Yes! Go and read our blurb on sunscreen for some inspiration!

Our zinc balm! Without a shadow of a doubt!